Cattlepark's Thunderbolt

IPO1, IPO2, IGP3, BH, Korad, SE & FI show champion, Best Obedience Dog 2015 at Kumla Working Dog Club, Best Working Dog 2018 at finnish ACD club, Best IPO dog 2018 at swedish ACD club

Working dog trials (tracking) class C, obedience int.class 2, IPO 3

Available for suitable bitches

Born september 24th 2013

Thunderbolt, better known as Attack, arrived to Sweden in noveber 16th 2013.

He is very promesing young boy, lots of capacity to become a great workingdog. He trains tracking and obedience, even herding. In winter 2014-2015 we tried sled dog work, that is fun! Defenetly something we will contineu.

Thank you Niina, kennel Cattlepark`s, for this wonderful boy! He is all what I was looking for!

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