Wanhanfarmin Articblue 16.3.1999-30.3.2007


pic: Jan Kolpus


R.I.P my dear friend, my sun and pride!

On thursday 29.3 2007 I had desited to put Arttu down. His shape was getting worse and I could not let him contineu like that. On friday morning, 30.3.2007, we toke our last visit to our vet.

Rest in peace boy! Now you are free of pain.

Love, mum


Arttu is the second ACD in Norway started on Workin Dog Trials!!

From Arttus site you find his show and other results, mentaltest, helth info and pedigree.

Arttu was born 16. of Mars 1999 in Finland at Tiina and Mika Kauppinens kennel. Arttu spend his puppyage at Tiinas. Finally, after a long waiting, in November -99 he came to Norway. 

With Arttu we´ve trained obedience and search. We have had long hours on the road on our way to dog shows (Nedherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and of course around Norway). I can´t complain, he has done very well at the shows 

Now he is old enough to start something serious. He is going to start tracking competitions at summer -06! We have allmost all "in the box", just couple of small things that need to be shaped up. (Arttu competed at his 1st trackingtrial 31. may 2006. Check results!) He has also got a new goal! Start in bloodtrack in spring -07.

Arttu is willing to work long periods without getting tired and it is very easy to teach new things to him.

Breeders Tiina and Mika, thank you of the wonderful dog!  

Del denne siden