Sweet AzurĀ“s Chico 19.10.2006-26.5.2014

 Good bye my happy, grazy dane! You always will be in Our hearts!

BH, higher class tracking, lower class search, obedience class 3, Korad, Swedish Show Champion, NordJV-07, 2nd at Obedience Club Championship 2011, Best Obedience Dog 2011 at Kumla Brukshundklub


Littlebit about Chici


Chici is a happy workoholic. He learns fast and all he learns today, he remembers also day after ;)


He shows lots of capasity in many different kind of tasks, such as tracking, search, obedience and schutzwork. Chici has will to pleasure and allways does his best. He is a dog, who I can count on!!


Otherwise C is a positiv, sosial, outgoing, playfull and honest young man with promesing future as a workingdog. It`s pleasure to work with him.


Chicis extreme high points on mentaltest proves his huge capasity.  His curiosity drives him a lot and he is self-confident.


Chici left great health statistics in his pups and even great mentality.

Pups born in Sweden 14 (only 9 x-rayed)

HD A:5, B:3. C:1

AD 0/0:8, 0/1:1 

Pups born in Finland 11 (6 x-rayed this far)

HD A:4, B:1, B/C:1, C:1

AD 0/0:6


Few of his pups compeets in some disiplines like obedience & working dog trials.

From his last litter "Kitty" has already started at tracking trials in puppy/youngster class, 92/100 points and 2nd in her class! She also became a Estonian junior showchampion!

From same litter, "Buffalo" living in Russia, became a Russian junior showchampion!

"Tiki", living in Finland, trains agility, sister "Hulda", also in Finland, is under training to be a therapydog.






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