14. okt, 2022


First of all, one.com kind of sucks, slow & hard tomake changes/updates on homepage.

As a breeder I had fantastic 2022, thanks to my puppybuyers. All 3 did MH, all 3 are x-rayed  with great results, all 3 compeets & works/trains.

For me it has been a roller coaster year, but at least I managed to get a new title to my self, mental descriper.

Well finally an update...
Days goes by, way too fast! Looks like Panics heat is not too far away. Crossing my fingers everything goes after plan & we can have a puppy vacation winter/spring -23.

Roaches does fine, all 3 competes & tarining looks good. Healthy & happy kiddos.

My study year is over, now on I'm a descriper for mental behaveing dog.

One pretty please! If you are interested in a puppy from me, be kind and read the kennel/puppy page before you mail me!

7. mai, 2022

Then it was Rimis turn to be x-rayed, result came today to Avelsdata, A/A & 0/0. Spine x-rays & bloodwork is sent to Bern. Even her spine looks clear.

30. apr, 2022

That was one heck of a friday!
I checked out SKKs Avelsdata when I woke up, way too early as always. Yes, there it was, Birks x-ray results, HD A-A, ED 0/0!! Even his spine looks clear

After work tracking with Attack & Panic, 1 good track & 1 shit track...

Rimi started her compeeting career at unoff agility competion, she won the 1st run! 2nd run was disq. Extremely well done!

It's been lot about Germanys new animal welfare act & dog shows. Yes, quite many of the new rules are over done.
On the other hand, shows should be just one part of breeding, not the whole breeding and defenetly NOT a competion! So, why to take a "defect" dog to show at all? Ok, maybe once to get an opinion of the exterior, but that should be enough. I do not see a show as a hobby, as many says it is. What's the hobby part to the dog?

8. apr, 2022

Life gives sweets & lemons. Couple of weeks ago I got a mail from SBK that I was taken in to MH descriper education. This is something I really want to do.
Fast as hell I started to count weeks, found out that the education & delivery of puppies are on the very same week.
Had to deside one or the other. In the end I tok the bittersweet desicion to start the education. Pups can wait until the end of the year.

We have already had 12 hours theory! Everything is "old stuff" if I may say so, but we go deeper in the seacrets of the dogs mentality.
11 years ago when I became a "B-figurant", I wasn't quite sure if it was my stuff, I felt the tasks I did, weren't enough, I was too passive in my work. My hunger to do & learn more grew. I got A-figurant education, not enough!
I started to dream about being a testleader, be active with the dogs. Finally district had an tl education! I jumped in to it, what else.
I do love to work as a testleader, my damn body just says no! Bad joints, stiff wrist and back pain... Since I don't want to give up all this, I need to do something with it, take the nest step and be a discriper!

2. apr, 2022

Last weekend we had kennel camp & MH for Roaches.
Proud to say, Panic & Largoo has curiose kiddos, no remining fears, quite platy full guys. So, I got pretty close what I had in my mind with this combination.

After MH we took all our ACDs to a nice walk in the woods, 4 males & 2 bitches, very good behaveing dog, gotta say!
On sunday few hours obedience.

It was so nice to see Bruce! Young male with good manners!

BTW, Panic is finally in heat! I have quite many requires, but I don't mind to have few more. Note, not for a companion only!

22. mar, 2022

Few days to go before Roaches arrives home, all 3! Will be exciting to see their MH.

Panic let her heat wait...not much to do.
All training is on hold few more weeks for all of us. Happy I manage to take a short walks already.

5. mar, 2022

Line breeding, bad or good? Well, both! You double up everything, good & bad genes. Is it worth it? Yes. Why? Cause your goal is to get better individuals out of the combination. Of course, all pups will not be what you are hopeing for, but some of them will be.

Lets take a look how it is in small breeds. In your country is 400 individuals, 50% males, other 50% females. Out of 200 males 50% are too old/young. Then it is time to check out the lines, 50% lines goes away as an unsuitable partners, we are down to 50 males.
Next step is to check out health, lots of non DNA/healt tested dogs-fall outs, bad joints/spine-fall outs. Then mentality, unfortunately way too many fall outs! In the end you have only 2-3 males that are suitable for your bitch.
All these might give a slight inbreeding %. So, what to choose, bad health/mentality that gives 0% nor up to 6,25% where health & mentality compleets the bitch?
Something to think about...

5. feb, 2022

Huskies are made to run, cattle dogs to herd, dobermann to guard, beagle to hunt and the list goes on... All breeds has their purpose, right?
Why does some people think it is animal abuse to let the dog work? Does the same some one feel good to be with out job, to do nothing? Naa, don't think so.. Why a dog would feel good to do nothing? Why some one wants a working dog but don't want to do nothing with it?

But! How much good does the dog shows do to all breeds? Is a show ACD still good enough to herd or do sports? Nope, the right kind of mentality has gone and it got a bad exterior. A good example is GSD, how many show GSD's have you seen in working dog trials? Not too many I guess.

So, should we go back a bit in breeding? Health, mentality & working capacity, or what ever purpose the breed has? Yes, we should!! I would love to see a rottweiler with a long muzzle, an ACD with longer legs & functional body, a GSD with normal overline & anculation, an aussie, collie & sheltie with normal amount coat & normal herding dog movement isted of way too heavy coat & flashy hackney gate... Most of all, I really, really would love to see dogs that hasn't extreme fears! Gotta be awful life to be afraid almost of everything most of the day.

In my fantasy world all dogs needs to do MH or BPH before breeding, extreme reactions should give a "not for breeding" stample, just like it health tests, affected animals shouldn't breed.

So many questions, so few answers.

Anyways, The Nest has a new roof, finally!
Just few weeks to go and all 3 kiddos comes to visit!

13. nov, 2021

Oops, been lazy, again!

Bruce did NHAT in september, approved of course! Huge congrats to him & Kirsi, very well done!

Panic & I compeeted at newbie class (working dog trials, tracking) few weeks ago. Excellent track work, ok obedience. She got urgent need to scratch her itch in long down...50points & 2nd place gone with a wind. Well, it happens... Our other try was today, poor track work and I interupted after track.

Attck was going to start at IGP3 a week ago. Well, "some one" could not find the lisence, couldn't start...**it happened.

MH to pups is booked, I'm very happy that all 3 are coming!

26. sep, 2021

Rimi did her 1st show sept 25th at Timrå Brukshundklubb. Got a real nice critique + excellent from Yvonne Brink.
Thanks Julia to takeing such a good care of her!

22. aug, 2021

Ok...where to start?
As we know so well, dogs kosts, a lot just like any other hobby. Food, veterinary, insurance, training, compeeting, mental tests, HD, ED, spine gotta be checked out, DNA tests, the list is long.
This far just a normal costs, right?

But does the dog pay himself/herself back to his/her owner, no matter what?
In my opinion, no! Your dog should be your best buddy, who deserves the best from you. If they get sick, you treat them. If they work with/for you, you thank them and so on.

There is no rule in this world that says your dog is a moneymaker for you! If she/he is affected, lets say PRA, you do not breed him/her. If she/he has a bad/poor mentality, allergies, bad joints, what ever, NO BREEDING!

What part of that is so hard to follow? Anyways, we need to follow Swedish Kennel Clubs directions, we can't make our own rules what or do how ever we like.

Are we, both dog owners and breeders honest and open? Are we ready to diguise what kind of problems the breed has nor the dog/s we have?
Why in earth everything has to be so seacret? Don't we all have a same goal in breeding, healthy, mentally strong and beatiful dogs that can work?

10. aug, 2021

Once again I got the honour to be a testleder for Snjos & Thunhukenz dogs.
Always nice to meet wonderful dogs & owners

These were the last mh & MT for this year for me

29. jul, 2021

Last weekend we had a boot camp at Yvonne & Largoos place. Unfortunately Kirsi & Bruce couldn't come.

Saturday started with tracking for Largoo & pups, item search to Attack & Panic, later on special search to all of us.

On sunday kiddos got a playdate with Largoos helper. Wow, just wow! Both played so well, Rimi has a real good grip. Birk needs little bit more training.

Big boys had their fun too, obedience to Panic.

All over both pups are developing very well, both exterior and mentally.
Rimi really is sweet as sugar, so well build and kind.
Birk will need more time for everything, but his owner does outstanding job with him, all honour to Susan!

14. mai, 2021

Pups are already 6 months old, gosh!

Got great news from Susan & Birk, they compeeted at inoff spesial search, became 2nd out of 8! Birk was the youngest one. Nice to see that so young kiddo has such a great consentration and will to work a longer periode.
Well done!!

9. apr, 2021

Last weekend we had the 1st kennel camp!
Bruce stayed at home, no fun but nessecery.Yes, we missed him & Kirsi a lot!

Both Birk & Rimi has become very nice & good looking pups and both uses their noses so well!
We did a bit tracking, obedience & special search. Even my neighbour from kennel Kamlow came by to introduse pups to show world.

Gotta say, great long weekend! I'm so happy to see that kiddos are in right hands, so well taken care off and loved to the moon and back

7. feb, 2021

Hell yeah!
Took a new x-ray on Attacks spine, send it to Bern, DISH free!
Childhood injury between T5 & T6 is a tiny hook.
Did send even Panics pregnancy x-ray to Bern, DISH & sp free.

This means that I will mate P with A later on this year

22. jan, 2021

Uuh, shame on me! Been poor updateing...

All pups have moved to their new owners. Birk (Buddy) lives with Susan at Arvika, Rimi (Girly) with Julia at Sundsvall & Bruce (Fatman) in Finland with Kirsi. I'm sure we will hear about these 3 roaches in the future :)

Lots of mail comes in, feels like way too many wants an ACD as a companiong dog. Wondering why?
My goal is not breed pets to go to walks with, maby some breedes are fine with that, I'm not!
ACD is a working dog, that's how I like to keep them. They need mental stimulation, they need to work. Walking/running in the woods is not near by enough.
An other thing I have noticed, very few takes time to read homepages & Hund/Avelsdata, weird.

19. nov, 2020

Head banger gang is doing fine! All 3 gaines weight, eats, sleeps & repeats.
Panic is such a great mom!
Attack enjoys our walks, just A & I. Good thing is that we can train at the same time.
All kids has their names now. 1st born plain face Born For Greatness, 2nd born half mask Blessed With A Curse & girl will be Face Everything And Rise. Names are inspired by Papa Roach.

BTW, you find an official album, Panic-Largoo puppies on my FB.

15. nov, 2020

Yesterday, november 14th, 3 small Finndevils' saw the daylight.
Boys were born at home, girl was backwards and Panics crusts (?) become too weak, we had to operate her.
Pups are doing fine, all three! Panic is sore, naturally, after op but takes such a good care of the head banger gang.

More to come!

1. sep, 2020

Oops, time flies as always!

We moved in the Nest in the end of July and we love it here!
It's been busy, renovateing goes sloly forward. Bedroom floorings are done, bathroom is done over, Kitchen is getting there, livingroom is almost done.
At the moment The Nest is getting New colour outside, black! Looks wonderful!

Attack & I were for 1 day seminarium for Jimmy Nilsson. Great decoy and trainer. We got lots of good advice how to contineu . Couple tracks, little bit obedience too.
Found couple of good trails for bike jouring.

Yeah, Panic is in heat! In 14 days prog test

2. jul, 2020

4th day as a home owner! Fencing is almost done, tomorrow it will be ready!
We have started little bit inside too.
Lots of plans and even more to do...

13. jun, 2020

Panic has done some never have I ever stuff. Long down in group with & without gunshots. We started in small groups, 2-4 dogs, last thursday 8 dogs & gunshots. She keeps eye contact to me all the time, calm & heavy as a big bag of potatoes!
This kind of small Things makes me glad!

Then, the big news, I bought a house!! It will be perfect nest to Finndevils. Not too far away where we live now, but less neighbours, big yard and forrest beside.
We start house fixing in the end og june, moving in in the end of july.

One more thing...Unfortunately I need to say "no" to too many, whom wants to buy a puppy. Reason is simple, I won't sell puppies only for walking buddies, an ACD needs more than that! You see, there are lots of breeds that are easier than an ACD, breeds that are happy to walk and do trix or so.
I don't mind if some one knows an ACD that is just a regular pet and happy (?) With it. I will not take a risk, that you are in trouble when the puppy is 6 months old.
So, do not take this as an insult, it's for Yours and the puppys best

8. mai, 2020

Lets talk about desing breeds & rescue dogs from eastern europe.

Way too many mixbreed owners screams that even todays pure breds was once mixbreeds. Yes, thats true With a "but". There was a thought behind the breeding, they mixed With purpose. Herding, hunting, guarding and so on. Agreed?
What is the purpose & thought behind all todays over priced mixbreeds? Whats the point of pomerian-husky mix? Looks? Poodle-with what ever? Terrible coat? Amstaff/pitbull/bully mixes then?
What does these "breeders" test they breeding Stock for? HD? ED? Spine? Any DNAtests? Tell me!!

Then these poor rescues...Way too often these dogs runs away from New homes. Gone weeks and months, pretty sure many is gone forever. Something common on every case, "don't og near by, she/he is shy". Well, the dog is propably scared, not shy, always been & always will be.
Lots of talk about missing rabies antibodies too. Most of the dogs are totally missing antibodies, proof that veterinary never gave shots. Please, do not say that all dogs do not get antibodies. True, for a small part of Whole population. Unfortunately, when most of the rescues magically belongs to that tiny Group of dogs that can't get antibodies, makes me, and others, to Wonder....
Please, help rescues in their own countries, do not take them here. We don't want weird diseases nor rabies!

4. mai, 2020

Let me say a few words to you, yes you, the person who writes an email to simply ask the price. The person who calls and after hearing a price states: “I can buy a cheaper pup elsewhere”. I also address you: The person who doesn’t care about papers because I want “just a pet”.
No dog is “just a pet”.
Behind every pure bred puppy/dog is a BREEDER. I’m using capital letters to differentiate a breeder from a pet factory or mill. A reputable breeder does not breed dogs without papers, which does not protect the integrity of the breed. Registration papers are records of lineage that document bloodline and allow one to research any possible health issues present in the lineage. When you tell a breeder you don’t care about papers what you’re really telling them is you couldn’t care less about the health of the puppy; you just want the cheapest thing you can find! When you buy a puppy from a reputable, quality breeder, this breeder is responsible for the health of every pup - both dogs owned and every pup they’ve sold - for its lifetime. This breeder will skip holidays, miss sleeping, and most of their personal house space has been turned into space for their dogs. The truly passionate breeder who loves what they breed, puts their whole heart and soul into it. Not only in puppies that are sold, but also in each client who owns a piece of their heart and is now a member of their extended family. This does not take into account any puppy/dog who might get sick or need extra help to thrive. Breeders worry about their babies after they leave and will take one back without question.

A breeder will get their hands dirty, often covered in everything accompanied with birthing. Because that’s what life is about. In the middle of birth and death is life. The wheel that keeps turning. A breeder will do tests, echos, xrays, analysis, emergency c-sections, vaccinations, register litters, research pedigrees, de-worm, as well as microchip their puppies and get them evaluated by specialists.
Last, but by no means least, a breeder CHOOSES the family lucky enough to have one of their puppies. Yes, you read that right. A true breeder chooses who they sell to because they are not making money off the sale. There is no compensation that can offset the investment a breeder has made, so they need to be confident it's the right fit.Often, it means saying "no," more than yes.
A good breeder has different criteria for those wanting to carry on their bloodline. Why? Breeding is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. It’s a lifestyle choice set aside ONLY for the few devoted people willing to sacrifice.
A dog is never: “Just a pet”. It’s the breeder’s legacy, a little boy’s best friend, a little girl's protector, an elderly person's therapy, a member of the family, someone’s whole world!!!
Written in part by: Sr. Eduardo Loredo
Translated into English by: Angel Sophia Nogga
Modified for dogs by: Amber French

17. apr, 2020

Tested Attacks semen yesterday, excellent quality!

I'm disapponted with Swedish kennel Club! They give a generel dispensation to breed without!! healt tests, mental discription and show results!
No, no, no! Even in Covid-19 times, vererinary clinics are open, so it's not impossible to to the tests. Think about the puppy byers if one of the parents has something serious problems With Health. How does incurance work in that case? Is the breeder still responsable to cover puppies operations or what ever it might be? Well, actually, that's breeders problem, if they uses non tested dogs…

BTW, 63 days fram 1st breeding...a bit sour...

9. apr, 2020

We didn't do x-ray, she is empty, sad but thats how it is.

I've looked other males too, this time only the swedish ones. Dear lord, not too much to choose between! Couple interesting ones, gotta check out all statistics better.

I've said it before, not once nor twice, but several times. It's a shame that Our breed Club does not have a healtlist of all swedish registreted dogs! What is the point to ask after results of BAER & other tests, when it never will be available to breeders? For instance spinestatistics is damn important, just like PRA & PLL. Well PRA result you can get on SKKs data, but it's not enough, we need more than that.
Do they think all ACD owners are dishonest or why isn't answer from Laboklin without certificate (costs quite lot) or Bern (DISH) good enough?
Anyways, it would be still up to each and every one to get own dog on the list With copy of the result. When it's from free will, it will not brake GBDR Law.

Couple of breeders are open With all healt results, everything is on their homepages, just like it should be. Then we have those, who only Writes the positive News. These breeders never Writes if showresult is something else than BOB/BOS, think about it, it's just a f***g showresult! Something tells me Whole lot of other Things they never be open With. Sad for the puppybuyers…

Training is on again! Panic is Queen of all Tracks! I really hope Covid-19 pandemic is over in late summer, so Panic can start compeeting.

Over n' out! Have a great eastern!

21. mar, 2020

Booked time for x-ray...just in case. Panics behaveing shows something else than empty belly.
Anyway, if she is empty, I have a New plan, as always!

17. mar, 2020

Sorry to say, but ultrasound showed empty belly.
20 years (yes, 20 yrs) waiting for the right bitch to breed With, having a great, healthy male at home and plans went right in the toilett.
Well, s**t happens, we start serious training again.

15. mar, 2020

Some of the e-mails has NOT come thrue to my mail Box!
If you dont get an answer during 2 days, please, try an other e-mail, Messenger or Call me!

13. mar, 2020

Tracking & obedience on this week. There is defenetly hope for Panics debute later on this year. She will be 1st ACD in Sweden in this disiplin.
To Attack I'm planning to start both StPr and of course IGP3. Everything will be done in late summer/Autumn.
Met an old training buddy today. She run her fingers thrue Panics belly, Yeah, there is pups! We'll see if she is right.

10. mar, 2020

Lady of the house is getting lazyer and more comfy. I let her choose tempo & lenght when we are on the walk. Some days short but slow ones, day after it's fast & longer.
Little bit training too, otherwise it gets too boring even to her.
One week to go to US!

3. mar, 2020

So, two breedings between Attack & Panic, at feb. 14th & 15th. Ultrasound is booket at march 17th.
Panics behaveing changed quite a lot, good sign! I really hope she carries a bunch of puppies

18. jan, 2020

Oops, sorry!
A short report of summer & Autumn -19.
Both started at obedience 3 times, Panic at newbie class, Attack at class2.
For P it was more experience than compeeting, once 8 bitter Points of advancing. Attack got too Wild every time and did cattle doggy Things.
For me it was good reminding, obedience is not for me!

In november A did Seasons last IGP3, track was grrrrreat! Obedience started real good untill retrieving. Retrieve on flat, left before command, otherwise Perfect-0p. Retrieve over hurdle, again left too early, jumps over, grips dumbell, back over scalewall, 0p! Retrieve over scalewall, he went nuts, 0p.
Well, he had fun, a bit too much. IF he behaved, I bet ob had been somewhere between 90 and 95p.
No hard feelings, I know what I did at last trainings before competion, so it's all on me, live & learn :)

Since P had a weird heat at summer, there was no puppies, as you know. Hopefully next heat is in february and everything goes as planned.

Finally update at Health sites on both kiddos! Results from Laboklins ACD test, A Clear for all, P all Clear except PLL.

10. jun, 2019

Oh my...a month has passed without update! Lets see…

Panics heat should just around the corner, hopefully some where between midsummer and begenning of july. Hopeing…

If she gets puppies and there is a girl I find good, she'll be placed out with breeding terms. So, if you are interested of training and compeeting, also live near by Örebro, let me know!

3 MHs at our club, 2 aussie litters after my neighbours male, nice kiddos indeed, 1 boxer & GSD MH.

Even one competion at the club. Attack was a white dog at BH, Panic the Manic the disturping element at milieu part.

Last saturday 2 girls were way too impressed about A & P, they couldn't beleive that an ACD can be nice! Good to have dogs that are easy going with people...well, Panic not that much, but after a minute or so.

Del denne siden

We f******g did it!!! Attack got IGP3, 1st ACD in Nordic countries!

11. mai, 2019

21. apr, 2019

What a great easter weekend!
We started at thursday evening and today was last trainingday. Track, obedience & protection, ofcourse BBQ, coffee, "all sång" on friday evening at Ånnaboda, new faces (for me) etc.
Tomorrow we'll relax, take a long walk in the woods, just be and enjoy, analyse these past 4 days.

13. apr, 2019

Answer from Bern arrived yesterday, Attack is DISH & spondylosis free!

Puppyplans are clear, it will be Attack.

5. apr, 2019

Finndevils' is listed at FCI!

New & last spine x-ray to Attack is done. Looking damn good! At once I get x-rays in my mail, I'll send them to Bern.
Btw, he became best IPO dog 2018 at swedish ACD Club 2 weeks ago.

Panics behaves just like she does before heat, we'll see...

22. mar, 2019

Got Our kennel name earlier this week, Finndevils'. It wasn't my 1st choise, but a good 2nd. Unfortunatly nothing never goes smoothly With SKK! Just like this time...they didn't manage to Write kennel name right at first time around!

A bit training, long walks, lots of planning for this year, Panics litter & big plans for Attack! We'll see how far we can get.

Panic is getting better at obedience, dumbell problems are passed by, high jump she has more Power and self-confident, in heeling powerfull and energisk, position is not that good. Of course, tracks like an angel!

Shining, still, sitt, down & stand, gotta be faster...Retrieves are much better than few weeks ago. Out sending we need to do on other places too.
Tracking has been good this far, I have to keep better focus!

12. mar, 2019

Last weeked was great! 2 days obedience for IGP judge trainees.

For once I had a plan for weekend, think about that! I helped Attack thrue IGP3 program since it was 1st time, we did Whole program. Attitude was good, all the way. We got 70p of Our program.

As planned, on sunday we do Our best! Pretending it was a competion.
Great attitude, good position, good & fast reagtions, powerfull. 90p

To-do list looks like this
*better, faster sit, down & stand
*faster back to basic position
*dumbbell, better grip, better sit in front

2. mar, 2019

Couple tracks on this week and Seasons 1st bike jouring trip!
Weather cast doesn't look good, more snow on up coming week. Seriously, I love winter but this is neighter winter nore spring.

Panic is defenetly getting better and better in obedience, biggest problem has been dumbell-sitt and hold it as long as you get a new command.
Attack had very nice blind work today!

24. feb, 2019

Got more snow earlier this week, tracking is on hold. "My" fields here near by are almost snow & ice free, hopefully later on upcoming week we can track there.

On 2 weeks, the new IGP judges have their praktical judgeing in obedience & tracking, guess who will be there! Great training for up coming season.

16. feb, 2019

Letter from Swedish kennel Club earlier this week, Things are on time & rolling!

Today kiddos got Seasons 1st tracks. Hard Winds, so only a straight, about 200 meter long tracks. Both did find lots of treats and worked well.
A bit obedience With both, feels ok. Attack got a short bite work too.

Last tuesday I became a boardmember at GSD club. Yes, I know, I do not and will not get a GSD, but since we aren't that many and I'm training there, why not.

9. feb, 2019

Rain, rain, rain...roads are icy-no kick sled rides, blah!

Today A became best working dog at finnish ACD Club. Funny thing, he compeeted only in Sweden and won. Panic did her BH, that is international, in Sweden, didn't get a diploma because she didn't do it in Finland...weird, isn't it?

I left Board since I'm not in to show things. Just didn't make any sence to be there. So, one era is over and a new one is just behind the corner!

30. jan, 2019

By Lynsey Smith
Copied with permission from Franka Gaspic
-If you don't have goals: DONT BREED.
( Producing "great" pets, or big and impressive ISN'T a goal). Far too many breeds have been RUINED because people breed simply for pets with no REAL goals for the breed.
-If you don't TEST your dogs in some way (health and/or temperament and working ability) DONT BREED
-If you don't research the history of the breed to know what to look for (other than "great" pet or big and impressive) DONT BREED
-If you don't become familiar with the dogs within the pedigree of your dogs in order to know what traits may show up in a breeding: DON'T BREED
-If you breed back to back to back to back to back: STOP BREEDING
-If you never hold any pups back to watch how they develop in order to determine if you are meeting your goals: DON'T BREED
-If you make "picks" at birth or a week old BEFORE a pup can even show you anything about itself other than it's sex and color: DON'T BREED
-If you will sell a puppy to anyone with the cash or to someone who knows nothing about the breed and you dont bother to educate them: DON'T BREED
-If you "ride coattails" of other breeders in order to talk up your own dogs even though you have done nothing with them yourself (ex: "champion bloodline" or has a "famous" dog back in its pedigree): DON'T BREED (get off your arse and prove your own dogs first)
-If you do not know your own dogs pros and cons and are unwilling to acknowledge their faults and adjust your program accordingly: DON'T BREED
-If you do not offer to take back dogs or puppies if they are not working out for whatever reason and will allow a dog that YOU brought into this world to end up in a shelter or worse; don't say that you LOVE your breed b/c clearly you don't so do the dogs a favor and DON'T BREED
-If you are unwilling to learn from others, take advice (good and bad) and in the process BETTER THE BREED: DON'T BREED
-If your aim is to make a name for yourself or fatten your wallet and not to better your breed: DON'T BREED

25. jan, 2019

Finally we are getting back to business! Twice on kicksled ride earlier this week, just 3,5 kilometers each, but it's a start. Panic started to behave like a husky, screaming when waiting me to get ready...crazy kiddo!

13. jan, 2019

I think I wrote about this before, but I'll do it again.

Do we male owners have responsibility in breeding? In my opinion, yes! Ofcourse it's Nice & flattering, if a bitch owner wants to use my boy for his/her bitch, naturally. Should I let my dog to breed just because some one asks then? No, absolutly not.

I ask bitch owner what she/he is waiting for out of the combination, why she/he wants to use my dog, what kind of healt tests bich has and may I see all those that aren't documented at kennel clubs site, film of bitches MH & MT.
If theres no films of MH/MT, only way to look at results is from dog data and that tells a lot, but not all.Tiny things that matters u c...

If bitch shows poor mentality, my answer will be no, do you like it or not. If she lacks health tests without reason or the owner says for instance that bitch is DISH free but can't proof it by x-rays nor mail from Bern, it will be no, again.

Believe it or not, I'm not blinded by lots of show titles, will never be. For me it's enough, that the bitch looks like an ACD, has a good/great mentality and she is healthy even better is she does some kind of work. Then you will get yes.

Have heard I have too high requirements, well, I happily do mental- and health tests, I do train & compeet and last but not least, I have to believe to the combination! How would it feel, if I heard that the pups has poor/bad mentality or they are sick? Nope, not good at all. Would it be my fault? Yes, since I didn't care about bitches healt nor mentality.

So, what is your opinion about this?

1. jan, 2019

Christmas & New years-check! 1 week in hospital-check!

On Christmas eve, A & my neighbours boy had small disguistion, both dog are fine, neighbour also. I got a tiny wound in my thumb. Few hours later I was in operation.
Yes, I did clean the wound and yes, my tetanus status is ok! Seems to me way too many thinks, that if Your tetanus vaccine is ok, you can't get any problems. As most of we know, tetanus is only against...right, tetanus!
So what happened? I got anaerobe bacteria in my blood, very aggressive infektion & blood poisoning. All this happened in 3-4 hours after the accident.
Around 7pm I was at ER, they sent me right on to university hospital in Örebro, where a personal met me at door and under 30 minutes I slept like a princess while surgeon saved my hand & me.
The infection was real bad ass serious stuff! They told me on tuesday, if you haven't come yesterday, we couldn't save Your arm, in Worst case, you could die.
Under surgeon I got both morfin & antibiotics, on tuesday morning I asked them to take out morfin since I didn't have any pain. 5,5 days antibiotics intravenous, didn't need painkillers, but they "made" me to take some ;)
Yesterday I finally came home! Panic met me at hospital with my dear neighbor, picked up Attack from working dog club. Panic met me pretty carefully, kissed & had her paws around me. A went nuts! Oh dear he was happy to get back to mama!

What was the meaning to write this update? Simply reason, even a tiny dog bite can be a damn big mess, clean up well even the small wounds, keep eye on it, if any, slightly signs of infection, visit a doctor!

22. des, 2018

We got enough snow for kick sled! We drove twice 6km, to coal mines n' back. Panic did try to "put A on his place" , that will be behind her, on both trips. Looks like Attack finally got enough, he showed his theet to her and kept going even faster. Good boy!
I am dreaming to compeet With them in ski jouring, problem is my damn foot. Would be Nice if they had even a kick sled class, 10 km is piece of cake for us.

7. des, 2018

Summing up this year.

Attack IPO 1 & 2, well done!

Panic mental discription (MH), mentaltest & exterior discription (Korad), BH, 3 shows (2 x CAC & 1 x good), CERF Clear

Spine x-rays & blood samples to Bern from both kiddos, 2 x DISH free.

Me, breeder education compleeted.

Not a bad year! Looks actually pretty damn good, if I may say so.

27. nov, 2018

Finally! All breeds that Swedish Working Dog Club has under their wings, will need a working meritt to get a CAC! This will be from 2021.
Funny enough, seems like it's mostly breeders who doesn't like this. Anyhow, way too many breeds showtitles, dogs might be good looking, if you like short legged, too Heavy looking ACDs, but unfortunatly they are bad workers.

How about when a breeders says, that a dog that has working titles, is always ugly? Seriously, WTF? Well, this might be a good hint what comes out from that breeder...

16. nov, 2018

Last saturday I showed Panic at Insjö, nothing to write on history books. There will be new shows.

Just couple days after BH & IPO, Panic came to heat. She will not be mated yet! Too early in my opinion. Now we have time to get ready to BSL, hopefully compeet too before mateing.

3. nov, 2018

Compeeting season is over for this year, a strong ending for 2018!

Panic was a bit confused, I was way too nervous. This far she hasn't met me in compeeting state. Anyhow, she did well & got her 1st internationell working titel! Good girl!

Attack...well, what to say. On tracking it just flipped for him, needs to get his nose deeper. Something weard with items too, he stood or satt.
Obedience, 1st leg, he was on a walk! Thankfully he got better and better. Few small signs from me to help him in better position under couple tasks.

Protection, damn!! Blinds were a disaster! Around 3th and right to 6th!! Several comments of disobedience. Well, always good to have things to work on.

Points got us a new titel, IPO2! I'm proud of him!

12. okt, 2018

Ups & downs on training, as always. Well, only one thing to do.

Spoke with couple of long term breeders, not ACD breeders, both gave me very positive feedback of my breedingplan! Anyways, my stommach says same..

28. sep, 2018

Panics Cerf is clear, wohoo!

Finally my arm is operated, 2 weeks at home. Will be training as much I can & so much walks I manage. Not that easy when only one arm is functional.

Gotta find fields for tracking. Hopefully I bumb to one person, who has couple of bigger fields on the right side of town .

21. sep, 2018

Friday update!

Only obedience training earlier on this week, too dark for protection in evenings, blah!

Damn it's scary that many dogowners has so hard time to see their own dogs objective. Doesn't matter if it's exterior or mentality. Seriously, be honest to your self, take off your pink glasses and take a good look to the facts.

Read about mentality, learn about how it goes to next generation inherited. As every body should know, fears are hard to get rid off, next to imbossible.

This should be enough for this week about this subject...

BTW, Panics compeeting book arrived!

7. sep, 2018

Panics compeeting book is on the way! Keeping my fingers crossed that post manages to deliver it.
Paied As entry to next competion even it is 8 weeks away.

31. aug, 2018

It's so upsetting that People can't read their dogs!
On the other night I tok Panic for a short walk after her training, we were at working dog Club. On the parkinglot, there is a Young woman With her white sheperd, that's fine...this far. In Seconds I noticed that the sheperd started to behave very procotative against Panic who happily jumped around med and didn't care abot the sheperd. Sheperds owner tried to lead off her dog by serving treats, she got finger.

Panic & I passed by, kept good distance to them. Walked Down the tiny road few hundred meters and turned back. Sheperd & owner stopped by the small road, she, again, started to serve treats, once again the dog gave her a finger.

Closer we get, more tense the sheperd gets. Panic walked just in front of me, no worries. Woman has a long leash, ok for me, IF You are 100% sure Your dog let others to pass by in piece. The dog grows more and more, owner desperatly serves more treats and babbles to her dog.
Just when we passed by them, the dog attacks! Panic jumps behind me and on my left side, without saying a word! The sheperd drags the owner after him self few meters, 50 cm before me, he stops.
I lead P few meters away, turn around and ask WTF she thinks she does, why she let her dog attack other dogs, if she needs to train with strange dogs, ASK FIRST! She whines something that her young male is having hard time with meetings (no fuck!) and she uses only positive methodes. "Does it work, huh?? Do you have any idea what had happened if your dog had bitten Panic? Or worse, if it was my other dog or some of the tougher GSDs!" That damn b....h blames Panic, she is in heat. "So, you say your dog behaves as an asshole against bitches on heat? FYI, she will has her heat...in january! Since this wasn't 1st time your dog attacks, you should keep your dog atleast 5 meters rom the other dogs." "Where should I go? Here is no where to go!!" "Take a look behind your self, there is several hectare forrest. Take damn good care this does not happen again! I stead of harness, use a collar!"

She started to whine that collars are bad for dog & blablabla...yeah, harness is great, if you can handle your dog.

Hopefully we don't need to meet them ever again, if so, let it be Attack I walk with.

23. aug, 2018

Panics Korad titel is on Hunddata! We still wait Peikkos exterior result..

Attack is getting more confident, he listens (!) & is fast as hell on blind work. Mission almost completed!

Last 3 weeks has gone way too fast! On monday it's time to get back to work

Finally! Panics MH & MT are at my FB site!

16. aug, 2018

13. aug, 2018

Fantastic long weekend! Yesterday we were at Södertälje BKs nat show, where Panic got her second CAC, Peikko CAC, BOB, SE Ch & KORAD!

Today we took bloodsamples of A & P, already sent to Bern for DISH Research.

11. aug, 2018

Laura & Peikko arrived yesterday, veterinary, working dog Club, long walk, lots of Food & talk, talk, talk.
Today time for Panic & Peikkos mentaltest. Peikko did great! Damn he has grown! Wonderful Young man.
Panic was as she is, not that interested in strangers, defenetly ok, but nah. Stable, no reminding fears, no agressivity.

6. aug, 2018

Finally on vacation!

Do you know how wonderful it feels, when after a long day as a testleader, a handler/owner/breeder comes to you, gives a hug and says thank you for a great job? Or when you arrive to a working dog Club early in the morning, 1st thing you hear is "I hoped it was you who was coming! You are so good With dogs and handlers".

These little Things keep me going, ofcourse, great interest for dogs mentality drives me a lot, but happy "customers" are the best of it.

27. jul, 2018

Still suffering in the damn heat!
Started to set up fence around Our tiny yard. Hopefully soon everything is done.

Is it important that person/s that has some kind of responsibility of breedingprogram in breed Clubs, can or are willing to learn how to read results from MH & MT? Is it enough to just see the big Picture or should s/he/they also understand details? IMO, they have to understand all details, do not over see something negastive, like remaining fears , even worse if dogs that has lots of great qualitys are "way too much to handle, probably stressed". In deed, dogs With great tug, curiosity etc are not the easiest, defenetly not for them who doesn't do anything With their dogs.
What every n' each of us can? We all can, for sure, understand what CAC is, right? What a CAC or Ch titels says about the dog? Nothing else than it looks like an ACD, no more, no less. So, what makes dogs With show titles better breeding animals than dogs With less show titles? Believe or not, nothing! How come some one can be blinded by show titles? Tell me!!
A working dog should rather get BH done, than 10 show Ch's, BH tells more about the dog than Ch.

Getting irritateing...

20. jul, 2018

Nothing New under the hot sun...

Spoke With a very good GSD breeder of my plans. We both agree that good Health & great mentality must be the prior #1. Good to have a chat With some one that knows da shit around working dogs.

13. jul, 2018

Still too damn hot! We need rain, lots of it! Upcoming winter will be bad for farmers & horse owners, already now farmers are sending animals to slaughter, there is not enough food to animals.

Yesterday we tok day off from training, same tomorrow. Feels like we all deserve a short vacation.

Talking about vacation! 1st week will be fun & busy, we get an ACD & his owner to visit, lots of activities planned.

Panic-exterior description, approved!

7. jul, 2018

6. jul, 2018

This far no one hasn't come With any kind of proof, that an ACD With full, deep bite is a bad herder. I rest my case...

Weather is still too hot to og longer walks, swimming is #1 Activity.

Panics training goes forward. We'll see if we can fulfill our plan later on this year.
Attacks obedience is good, if not great! Weather hasn't been good for tracking, dry & dusty. Those few tracks we have done, has been ok.
Schutz is getting better. One huge task that we work on...it will be ready to fall...it will...

29. jun, 2018

Sooo...not too much to Wonder, 2 out of 3 males falled out after Panics MH. One of them has way too many litters planned + behind this male is dogs that I don't care about too much. Second one just does not fit With her.
Nice dogs, indeed, but to whom I want to sell puppies to if I'm not ready to keep one of those?
One remains, all healt checks done, good mentality & Works.

An other thing...does puppy buyers do their homework anymore? Why buy an ACD, or an other working breed, if you have no plans to do anything With Your dog?
After a while comes complains, the pup nips (naturally, it is a heeler), it herds other dogs/cats/cars/bikes/what ever. Didn't they know what they got, when they took an ACD??

25. jun, 2018

Yes, we are out of FB. Yes, I deactivated my account. Yes, I've got enough of BS & drama. No, I don't know if I'll activate it again or when in that case.
And yes, we are alive!

22. jun, 2018

Windy weather & tracking. Around 100m, straigh track to both kiddos.
Good intensivity, good consentration.
A got accidentally harder track than planned! He solved everything, good kid!
Panic was quite sure the well in the end of her track, was something weird that didn't belong there. Made her work few more steps, before we went to investigate the well together. Fast check up and she went back there where we ended up, funny girl!

Panic CAC & BOB at Örebro working dog Club show!

16. jun, 2018

15. jun, 2018

Ooook, I had some parts of Panics MH right, surprisingly, no screaming nor agressivity. She was a bit shy With testleader, followed her without problems. When the TL went thrue her, it was a bit unpleasant.
Played & chased very nicely, in Activity she was quiet, checking Things, still calm.
Distance play, P followed the helper, almost straight way to her, didn't grap tug at once, was active when helper was active.
At surprise she stopped, looked at the doll, noticed that's nothing to be worry about, same thing at sudden noice. Since she is less curiose than Attack, it took time to get her to take a better look to Things, nothing to win-why should I? No remining fears!
Ghosts was less interesting, no fear here either, stood there, followed for a while, said : Come on! If you wanna scare me off, try harder! Even here it took time to get Panic say hi to helpers, she wasn't that in to to meet them. Fearless here too.
2nd play, as good as the 1st one, gunshots, no problem.

On monday she got her 1st litter, a pink towel, a bathroom mat & sponge, how much this affects her result, God knows. Anyway, it's done, I'm happy With her.
If I could wish something, I would love to see more curiosity in Panic. Well, MT will be in august, I get my answer if hormones did something

8. jun, 2018

Finally it's time for Panics MH! IMO, she is too old, but what to do? September puppy, long Winter & heat, not the best combo.
At the moment she is quite hormonel, but we can't wait any longer. There's no point to descripe too old dog either.
I'm guessing she will be bit shy with testleader in the beginning, will play, will chase, won't stay quiet in activity, will run to the helper at distance play & will grab the tug, will show some agressivity in surprise & needs help to go to doll, sudden noise will not be a problem, ghosts ...there will be screaming, might stay behind me in the beginning, will grow & needs help in the end. 2nd play ok, gunshots...bet 2.
We'll see if I'm completly wrong or what

1. jun, 2018

May was a great month! Started With deliver of Anus New pup Nitro-Olle, contineud As IPO1, my kiddos are both free of DISH and Ps sister Sara is both PRA & PLL normal.
Lots of training and New stuff for me & A. Panics BH program is getting better. Because the Extreme heat, we have dropped walks & other harder physical workout, swimming couple times of week is added in program.
Since time is Money, I do not add more photos on gallery. From now on, some of the albums are official at Facebook. Check out New links!

Great News from Switzerland, both A & P are DISH-free! Sweet!!

28. mai, 2018

18. mai, 2018

Oki doki, my feet are still 20 cm above ground! So damn sweet feeling.
Couple short obedience sessions earliar at this week. As program needs shining, we have to keep it together thrue the program!
Panic is getting better and better, all BH tasks are there, will check how well she manages Whole program.

12. mai, 2018

This day stays in swedish ACD history!
Attack & I compeeted for the 1st time at IPO and got approved result! Points were not that amazing (72-78-70), but who cares, only one way to go-up!
So, New title, IPO1, hopefully that's even enough for finnish kennen Club.

20. apr, 2018

I followed one discussion about cattle dogs bite few weeks ago, pretty damn interesting to be honest. Most interesting were all allegations without fact, neither sience facts nor personal experience came up in discussion. It was more like "'cause I say so" "I think so" & "some one else said it".

Let's start from the beginning!
Allegation-if and when an ACD has naturally a deep, full mouth bite (tug, sleeve, toy type of Things), it will never be good at herding. It will bite way too hard the cattle.

My questions: are owners/breeders so bad to see a difference between these 2 actions? Haven't they ever had a dog that plays hard & intensively and they haven't herd with them? Where all this so called knowledge comes from?

3 out of my 5 ACDs has had/has a deep, full bite when playing. They all plays so hard that they can take a grown man down on the ground...well, almost. They shake, they fight,they have a great grip, they won't give you toys easily.
Still all these 3 has been great with cattle, believe it or not! None of them never harmed or injured animals they herd, not a scratch. When herding, they nip, just like an ACD suppose to do.
I can't believe, my kiddos has been smarter than rest of the ACDs in this world, they can't be the only ones, that sees difference between playing & herding.
This leads us to the point. If the owner/breeder blindly stares result from MH & MT how a dog bites a tug and "knows" that the dog is a bad herder, they are not that good owners/breeders, aren't they?
I guess the problem is, that they just don't have an idea, that dogs interest for toys is huge, they are playfull, they even might be socially very self secure dogs. Of course, it is not that common that an ACD plays so damn hard nor is self secure, so does that mean, in their world, it's a poor ACD?


8. apr, 2018

2 days in a row track & obedience. Yesterday was kind of ok, today way much better! Got a great advice from Our trainer, did do as I was told, worked!

Hopefully we are soon back in bitework too, can't wait!

30. mar, 2018

Panic made me panic in the begenning of this week. On monday she had stommach pain, started even throw up water. Very fast to nearest clinic, Lucky us, just one other patient, so we got in fast. She was ultrasounded, uterus got most attention, nothing there. Vet found little bit flued in intestinal. In x-ray we could see few gas bobbles.
He was not quite sure what was bothering Panic and wanted to operate her, I didn't agree. Unnessessery operation...
I agreed that they keep her over night at observation, ofcourse and if she gets worse, they Call and we deside what to do.
On tuesday they called me, she was, thank god, back in business, hungry & wild. Picked her up in the afternoon, damn she was happy to get home!

24. mar, 2018

Tracking season is officially started! Found narrow, but long stripe of grass near by Our Office. 200-250 long straightforward track to both, no Space for turns. On Attacks track was one snow spot, 15 meters long, no problems! Panic, in stead of snow, got dog shit...blah! Both worked well in hard Wind.

Few days ago I heard that Norwegian hunting Association want to forbid IPO!! What the fuck they know about IPO except nothing. Should IPO Norway forbid hunting? Even Norwegian police is against IPO.
Both Hunters & police thinks it's Dangerous to traing dog to attack People...ummm...I'm worried that cops do not know better how this sport Works. We'll see what kennel Club does.

16. mar, 2018

Snow starts to melt...not quite sure am I happy or sad about it? Well, we'll enjoy it as long as we can!

Panics MH is payed, hopefully we get in. Oh dear, best to buy ear protection to those, who Works at that day, it will be loud, oh Yeah!

Why too many dogowners believes that spaying/neutering a dog, is solution to all problems? Reason you mostly hear is that the dog is interested in bitches, oh really? That what males do! Owners can't handle that and make it easy to them selves, they can't say NO to their dogs, it's offensive or something. Seriously, WTF?
Of course, then you hear all the healt reasons. Problem is, these People will not hear the trueth what kind of healtissues dogs get without hormones! In their world it's all lies and BS. Mentality then? "Oh, my dog is sooooo agressive! We'll take his balls off, it will be better!" Really? It might help, but usually it get worse, same shit With fears.
Shortly, neutering/spaying helps for hormonell problems, not Genetic problems. What about training Your dog, teach how to behave. It's not that hard!

3. mar, 2018

Kiddos are kind of done With their Winter brake, honestly, so do I!
Hopefully in the end of march we are back in normal training, tracking, biteing & obedience.
Pretty sure I have found a good match to Panic! Ofcourse, MH 1st, after it I make my mind. She has also few other things to do before puppies.

23. feb, 2018

DISH Research in Bern gave a Nice "sidedish", a New type of NCLgen is found. Unfortunatly there still is atleast one type of NCL gen hideing, some where... This far we have NCL5 and this New one. The one the finnish lines had, hasn't been found yet. Crossing my fingers they don't give up.

Panics heat is just around th corner, all the boys thinks she is soooo sweet. I bet we'll have an australian male choir in few weeks.
Training feels good! Panic is alert, better consentration helps her to follow my movements-less whirling.
Attack,oh boy! He nips my hands & ankles when it's his turn. Next time I'll test what happenes if I give the 1st kommand before he gets out.
Need to get filmed...both of them!

16. feb, 2018

Time to update.
Last Fridays post I offended couple of People, be happy you can't here the ones I keep to myself.
Seriously, if one is not a breeder, the one has no rights to say anything about his/her breed? Hey, get real! If you now think Your dog is the most beutiful & talentet, that's Your opinion. I'll see the facts, results from MH (mental discription) & MT (mentaltest), I as every one else finds the facts of Your dog from Hunddata etc, it's not snooking, only official to anyone to see.
BTW, why you think it was all about Your dog?

So, back to normal update? No? Allright!
Last months, weeks, days, I've seen several adult ACDs looking for a New home. Reason is same, owner has no time. Good thing is, they are looking for a New home!
Now it comes...but! when you buy a working breed, you should understand that it needs time, long walks, play time, training, more training and even more exersice.
So please, don't Write on different sites how Nice and easy cattle dogs are, sweet & cuddely, loves every thing & every one, likes to sleep around...damn, that's an ACD after few hours exersice & training. Without they are beasts.

hmmm...2 weeks after each other these kind of posts...good grief!
Back to normal updates...
Training has been done on our street. People on a walk both with & with out dogs, kids yelling on the other side of the road, cats running on yards, cars etc.
Panic did surprise me! Great consentration, works even harder when she sees some one is coming. Heeling is better, recall also. Long down is now under work every evening.
Attacks obedience is IMHO great. He really shows his best, when he needs to wait in the house, while I'm working with Panic. He is in fire! Need to pick up my high jump home

9. feb, 2018

Ok, old topic, still bothering me.

Give me one good reason why to use dogs with fears in breeding. Are show results more important than good mentality? Is heavy body & block head functional for working dog? Is the regular dog, the one can work in several different tasks, worse then the show star? Is it a shame to have less than 10 show titles?
Seriously, I'm deeply worried about ACDs mentality! An ACD suppose to be a brave & fearless dog that can work. I still don't give a rats ass how sweet and nice your dog is at home, if it can't handle the world outside his/her home.
Even more surprising is, that people don't get the simple thing called heredity, mentality goes to next generation,titles doesn't, believe it not.
Isn't it important to get health & mentality 1st, then type? As far as I know, the last one is easiest to fix.

Tell me, why do you want breed a dog that won't play, is unsocial & shows agressivity or fear, in worst case both against people, get scared of loud sounds etc.

20. jan, 2018

In last 2 days we got near by half a meter snow! Looooovely!
Even if the smaller roads, like that one to Tomasboda, are not plowed, it's ok to take a walk there. Just wondering where are all the other dogowners or are we the only ones who enjoys this weather.
It has been quiet at every kind of training in last 2 weeks, good to let kids have a breake of it. Spring comes in few months, then it's back to normal training.

12. jan, 2018

An other great thing to live beside a mountain, snow!! Kicksled & ACDs is the best combo ever!
Todays trip was tuffest this far, 2,5km up on the mountain, about 15cm snow on the road. Had to turn around since tracks are too tight in woods, so...downhill all the way home.
Obedience is getting better & better. I'm satiefied with As program, heeling, sitt, dropp, dumbell, recall are nice. 1m obstacle we need to work with, A-obstacle is his favorite. Sending forward & down is almost like it should be.
Panic, the wild child, wants so much when we train! She is hot as hell in obedience. Well I rather have it that way.

29. des, 2017

Almost a year has passed by since Panic came! It has been a Wild ride in many ways.
Gotta say, even she is stubborn and hard headed, she is great kid to work With. Makes me smile when I hear that an ACD is way too hard to Train, wondering what kind of experience they has. Ofcourse, there is easier breeds too, fits almost to whom ever. An ACD needs his man, or woman in my case, to work With. Feels even better to get thrue an independet dog than a "regular" one, almost like winning big in lottery!

2017 was a bit different, only 2 shows, VG & Exc to Panic and Attack got his 2nd swedish Cacib, that was more than enough. Only 1 competion, you know, that one I tripped in woods and didn't fullfill rest of track. We changed direction in compeeting, from swedish working dog trials to international trials. Lots of new stuff to train and happily Attack has already shown his capasity in schultz!
Panic is developing nicely, both in mentality & exterior. Even in her worst teenager periods, she has will to please. Strong mind, strong will, open & self-confident, that's my Panic!

1. des, 2017

November was busy, way too busy!
Work, training, moving to New Place and a bad back. Last one came because of stress.
Well, now we can breath, sleep well & live normal life, negativities are out of Our lives!
Our Place is w o n d r f u l! Nature just behind the house, great hikeing trails, sights are lovely.

29. okt, 2017

Oh, Attack makes mama so proud! Schultz training goes forward, we need little bit better obedience in couple of tasks, when we have it, he will score 90p easily! That what one judge told me after she saw A at training. Even more tracking is needed.
Panic is doing ok in obedience, still a Wild child. Tracking, as always With her, goes very well, IMHO. Bitework...she will get there, yes she will!

Panics HD & ED results came today. HD A & ED as we tought, 0/1.

7. okt, 2017

4. okt, 2017

So, now Panic is x-rayed.
Hips looks good, should be A or B. Left elbow is clean, right has a tiny shadow, we'll see what kennel Club says about it.
Told to vet about Panics accident in summer, she landed on her right front leg and limped day or two. That _might_ be reason, that what he says and I do agree.
Spine looks ok, in my eyes a slight change in LTV (lumbosacral transitional vertebra).
Damn, now I'm honest again, will kick my own ass!

17. sep, 2017

Double celebration! Panics 1st birthday & Attack passed BH!
His obedience wasn't that good today, we need more routine.
As always, both behaved well.

10. sep, 2017

Training, working, leading tests, training, training...
Attacks training goes better than I expected, such a good boy!
Panic is on brake, she needs it. Planning her MH, we will see if we can do it later on this year.

29. jul, 2017

Against all my principles, I decided to x-ray Panic earlier than planned. She does not show any symptons after her nasty accident, but any how...

Attacks bite training goes well, thanks to his trainer. Tracking we need to work hard With. Swedish track (in Woods) is so different to IPO track. He needs to slow Down and consentrate more, to beging With.

Panic is on brake from biteing while on heat. She does easy obedience & tracking. Even Panic needs to slow Down when tracking! Obedience goes btw better and better.

22. jul, 2017

Köping IDS today. Attacks last show in Sweden, sweet! Take a look under "Show results" (P & A)
Both kids got excellent critiques. Once again I can be proud of my dogs, well behaveing, relaxed and social kids.

3. jul, 2017

Last saturday Panic had a nasty accident. She fell 3,5-4 meters, landed on her feet.
She is x-rayed without medication (!) everything is ok. Littlebit sore in muscels. Otherwise she is she always is, happy & filled With energy.

New photos at gallery

25. jun, 2017

Finally! New photos at gallery

20. jun, 2017

17. jun, 2017

Panic is now a junior girl, we celebrated it at dogshow at Örebro working dog Club. She got a great critique! Only exc, she need to develope, of course, she is only 9 months old.

3. jun, 2017

So, been thinking what to do... It's hard to get in competions, way too hard! Last 3 we were at 3th, 4th & 9th reserv Place.
This doesn't motivate training, not a bit!

A will contineu obedience. He also will be trained to an other dogsport!
Panic is still an open book but we have started training to working dog trials.

30. apr, 2017

Why some breeders has hard time to be honest? What's the problem just say it out if their dogs aren't Perfect? WTF they are afraid of?
Some one talking behind their back? Well, it happens anyway!
It is not fair to the breed to shut up.

Mental and Health issues are a big deal in ACDs. Thank god healt issues aren't that many, but there are serious ones, PLL, PRA, DISH, NCL are just few of them.

Why use way too shy/agressive animals in breeding? What they have to give to the breed, except nothing? Is it nessessery to breed an import bitch that has weak mentality? Defenetly, absolutly not!
Happily in Sweden you must do MH before breeding, that tells something about the dog. In Finland responsable breeders does mentaltest, still too many don't care about it. Don't even Wonder why when and if you see these dogs in dogshows.

Healt...Yeah! An ex. in litter x one of the puppies has epilepsy, the breeder does not Write this on his/hers HP. Puppy buyer is the one who is open about this case, breeder keeps his/her mouth shut.

Spine problems, owner/breeder comes With excuses like the dog is older (4-5 yr is not old!), it costs too much to x-ray, ACD doesn't have spine problems and so on. Last but not least, we don't have to!

Eyes, worst I have heard "in Our country we do not have eye diseases". Eh...didn't you use a dog from country Y and neither Your bitch nor the dog is DNA tested for PLL?

Even I'm not a breeder, I have checked A pretty well, both healt & mentality. Allright, obl PRA & PLL free, HD & ED done, spine done, CERF done, knees unoff done. MH & mentaltest done long ago.
Panic DNA tests are done, PLL & PRA, HD, ED & spine I'll wait until she is 2 yrs old. MH & MT will be done, ofcourse.
So, if I, as a regular worker With regular earnings, am willing to test & exsaminate my furkids furter than breeders, isn't there something pretty damn wrong?
Ok, I could let be to tell Panics PLL result, which is B btw and say I never tested her. Seriously, there's no shame to be honest!

Thankfully both As & Ps breeders are honest and open of their dogs. These are qualitys I respect! Only a handfull of breeders I even can think to buy a puppy in the future, way too many I don't trust a bit.

23. apr, 2017

Today we started at WDT,lower class tracking. Attacks start was beautiful, he worked so well! 1st stick, 2nd stick, 3th & 4th stick, weee! Right after the 4th one, I stumbled and ofcourse twisted my ankle.
Since Attack is very sensitive for this kind of Things (he won't leave my side) I know it was pointless to contineu. When I finally got back on my two feet, the right ankle was ot ut of order. Slowly we got out of the Woods.
Well, as you know, shit happens, "Twist Your ankle" is done for this year.
Next time better Luck!

14. apr, 2017

Finally a long weekend off from work, well needed!
Last monday we went to show training. Panic did well. Noticed that she was uncomfortable when other dogs were in her personal Space, too many strange dogs and way too Close to her! Well, I'm not happy either, if some one is too Close to me, so I understand her.
Beside the showring Attack got his obedience training. Little bit too busy to check out the ring, otherwise ok training.

Laura & Uuno, As halfbro in Finland, were at HTM competion today, 2nd Place & price of honour, well done!

8. apr, 2017

Time flies!
Panic started obedience course (compeeting) last week. She behaved very well. We, ofcourse, need lots of help, since she is Young and can't yet all the basic stuff like sitt/down & stay etc.
Was good to see that she can consentrate even if there is other dogs near by!

Attack will start at lower class tracking in 2 weeks! I need to keep my nerves under controll & trust my boy.

24. mar, 2017

Oookey, Panic got urinary tract infection, directly to vet to get antibiotics. Sandra, Our vet checked out my gal, bladder was bit sore, kidneys ok. Even heart & lungs sounds excellent.
She is already much better!

New photos at gallery!

11. mar, 2017

6. mar, 2017

Time flies!
Attack & I were at course last weekend, lots of New ideas & inspiration! Thats the way a course should be.
Panic was With us, ofcourse. She got many compliments of her great mentality. Once again I got the same question, how come my ACDs are so Nice, no need to fear they bites or do anything else stupid. Believe me, these People have seen ACDs, lots of them!

Silly Panic, at walks she starts heeling, Perfect position, good eye contakt & fantastic attitude! That girl wants to work!

Panics prcd-PRA result arrived today, A!

3. feb, 2017

1. feb, 2017

Panics PLL result came today, she is PLL/n, carrier. Her prcd-PRA should come soon!

25. jan, 2017

Finally DNA tests on their way to lab!
Been training funny stuff With both kids, target (a Balance pillow) is great for hind controll!
Little bit tracking, unfortynatly A had an accident last time when tracking.
Panic got her 1st track, she did so well!

13. jan, 2017

Panics pedigree + photos on her site.
Attacks Cerf is finally registreted at SKK!

10. jan, 2017

PLL & prcd-PRA DNA test kits are ordered from Laboklin!
We'll see if Swedish kennel Club will register results on HundData.

9. jan, 2017

NoPanic got her shots today, as happy as always. Theet looks fine & heartbeat is strong.
She has found her Place in Our pack, A Accepts her well.
We have started training too, she is a clever WonderWoman!

New photos at gallery

8. jan, 2017

6. jan, 2017

After a long & hard trip, we are finally at home!

Panic is a great kid, open, social, curious and playful girl. Long drive from Ranua was not a problem to her.

We had to stay over night at Luleå, weather was awful, roads slippery & several car accidents. On wednesday morning we started early, goal was to get to Matfors before 6 pm. Well, we stood still at E4 about 3 hours and this was 50 km from Kickis! No possibility to turn car around and find an other way.

We spent night at Kickis, good Food & lots of to talk about! I even got to know Junior, As nephew better. Great boy, I felt for his mentality.

Finally, yesterday evening, we came home! Few accidents on roads. Just wondering, why drive too fast when roads are slippery & weather is bad?

Attacks cerf is done! No remarks in eyes either! Damn, I bet I have one of the healthiest ACD boys in Norther Europe, weee!

17. des, 2016

Only couple of weeks to og before Panic can arrive to us! She grows nicely and showes great mentality. Can't wait to meet her IRL!
A trains New stuff for obedience class2. We'll see if we have everything ready in the end of summer. Ofcourse we rather to compeet in working dog trials, hopefully we get possibility to start in 2017. Obedience is kind of back up plan.

Added a link about DISH

9. des, 2016

20. nov, 2016

A & I were on roadtrip, visited my dear friend in Norway. Yesterday we were at Norwegian Winner show, not a big succee, exc & out. Well, that doesn't matter, we had great time!

Next show? When Panic is old enough I think. This might tell how imoprtant happenings shows are for me, hahaha!

6. nov, 2016

Okidoki, this years last competion-done!
We were at Katrineholms BK today, 169 Points & class winner! Not bad, since it felt A did his Things and I did something else.
Well, now it's done and we can take a compeeting brake

4. nov, 2016

Wooow! Time flies!
We been compeeting, well, at least showed up at Arboga Bks obedience competion. Didn't feel right in ring, so we said thanks after 3th task.
Some serious shopping is also done! Both a puppy, an import, ofcourse. Yeah, I'm picky, no pups after parents With bad mentality or not compleet healt check outs, never!

25. sep, 2016

Busy & great weekend! Yesterday 3 finnish ACDs made their MH, they did so well!
Today Eskilstuna Working Dog Club had a dog show, the Finn Team showed 5 ACDs, 2 males (Ralph Simpatija CK, Res-CAC, BM2 & Asahi Hills Bentley Blue CK BM3) in Intermediate class, 1 male (CAC, BOS, Ch) in open class, 1 bitch (VG) Intermediate class, 1 bitch (CAC, BOB, Ch) in veteran class.

6. sep, 2016

Finally we got answer from Finnish KC, As spine is Clear! Damn that feels good! Not sure what the vet saw when she pointed out the tiny "spikes" on As spine. We will keep eye on those spikes, if there is any and x-ray his spine again in 3 years. You find link to offisial result under "Attack, Health"

24. aug, 2016

Home sweet home!
A & I were in Finland 8 days, came back last night. Lots of training, kissed Chikis finnish kids, long walks With A & his mum Helmi, ACD camp etc.

As spine is x-rayed, we'll see what Finnish kennel Club says. I bet it will be mild spondylose, probably trauma after he hit his back on stairs when he was younger.
FYI, I never try to explain any "faults" or hide anything, I always tell the thruth! Sadly way too many hides information of they dogs Health or do not excaminate their dogs just because "my dogs do not have a problems".

16. aug, 2016

New showresult!

We were at Askerund IDS, too soft coat, otherwise great critique! One more show this year, then we take a break.

9. aug, 2016

I have both good and bad News, starting With good one. As sister Kitty & her owner Karin got approved BH result, congrats Girls!

Unfortunatly one of As siblings has gone to the rainbowbridge. Hulda had very agressive cancer. All my love & lots of hugs to her Family!

23. jul, 2016

Today we were IDS at Köping. Great critique! Excellent type, needs to develope more. Exc head, correct Expression. Ear setting little bit wide. Good neck, tight back. A bit falling lumbar. A bit high tail setting. Moves well in front, needs more drive in hind. Exc coat.

Judge: "You have a fantastic dog! I love him, but he needs to develope. Thats why VG today".

18. jun, 2016

Finally we got As HD result from Nordic Panel, B!! Just like I knew, happy!
Attack is available for suitable bitches.

6. jun, 2016

We were at dog show today, at local working dog Club. A got Nice critique, reason he got only excellent was that he need more volym in his body.
Kelpie that I showed did great, BOB, BOB-vet & CAC! One more CAC to go and he becomes swedish show champion.

30. mai, 2016

Still waiting As HD result from Nordic panel...god it takes time!
Been in several MHs & MTs as a testleader in may, I really enjoy it. It's my better & funnier job.

New result under compeeting results!

23. apr, 2016

8. apr, 2016

Ok, got answer of As hips, C again! Wondering if it really is true that Swedish kennel Club doesn't change their mind?
Atleast I know as a fackt, that they judge very bad x-rays, they doesn't care to send x-rays back to vets even when quality is poor or dog/hips/legs/the Whole kit is skew.
Happily I will get another opinion! If it still is C, ok, then I believe it. Just right now I'm listening my stommach.

1. apr, 2016

Today we had appointment With an orthoped at Karlstad, Solstadens Smådjursklinik.
We x-rayed As spine & hips. Spine is Clear!
Need to wait SKKs HD result. We'll see what they say at this time around. At least the Pictures are correct!

27. mar, 2016

What a great easter! We got visitors from Finland, As half Brother Uuno (Asahi Hills Adrenalin Rush) & Laura and half sister Kitka (Asahi Hills Agile Wildfire) & Ulla.
Yesterday, march 26th all 3 made their swedish mentaltest & exterior description at Örebro working dog Club, all approved!
I bet these kids are the first finnish born ACDs that has titel Korad, nice!
*Attack 526
*Uuno 461
*Kitka 515

Thaks Girls for Your vist, as you know, you are welcome when ever!

Link to As test under his site "Compeeting results"

17. mar, 2016

Unfortunatly pups Baer test did not go so well, really sad. The pup seems to have a great temperament, I`m sure she will be a great workingdog!

So, we are back at square 1. There`s only a handfull breeders I trust, they are honest, they do not hide anything. Already this limits where I start to looking for a pup.

I drop those, who does not care about mentality or healt, in worst cases both! Where`s the point to use bad or weak mantality, it`s not an ACD, defenetly does not bring anything for the breed.
Also those, who eeeh....breeds only after showresults are no, no, big time!
Even several lines, that I know fits better on pillows on sofa that on Muddy Fields, I go around, no intrest to not working dogs.

Since we are not in hurry, I`ll take my time to do my home work if I find any interesting, upcoming combinations.
There will be a puppy for us, yes it will!

20. feb, 2016

Attack, best obedience dog 2015 at Kumla working dog Club! So proud of my boy!

10. feb, 2016

So, Our upcoming familymember has born, this far everything looks real good! Next step is Baer-test, crossing my fingers for +/+ result.

31. jan, 2016

Looks like Winter is over for now, sad. We drove kick sled few times, even skies came out.
We have had a "training vacation", only once a week at working dog Club. Ofcourse at walks we playtrain, every day as always.
Upcoming months will be busy! Lots of doggy happenings from easter and 2-3 months forward.

13. des, 2015

Great News from Finland! Chicis daughter, Asahi Hills Absolut Dynamite "Velmu", started at Finlands ACD Associations obedience competion (class 1, Club championchip), got 1st price and were 3th in her class. Velmu won ACD Associations championchip! Congrats, I`m so proud of you!

11. des, 2015

Ok, swimming goes nicely, from next week we can swim without Coach.
Even Fitpaws peanut boll has arrived!
Training goes forward, working With higher class tasks!

28. nov, 2015

Both condition, obedience & tracking training goes very well! Attack is a real fighter! Does not matter how tired he gets, he Works even harder, never gives up.
Soon he will get a training break, a short vacation :)

9. nov, 2015

Nothing New... We’ ve been busy, lots of training for next year and condition training. Yesterday we tried Fitpaws peanut boll, gotta get one!
Next week we start swimming, bet A gets nut.

18. okt, 2015

Obedience "result"

News from Finland! Tiki, Attacks Brother, did approved mental test today, congrats!

11. okt, 2015

Obedience result!
Attacks brother Buffalo became Russian showchampion! Huge congrats!

4. okt, 2015

As sister Hulda (Cattlepark`s Kitty Hawk) passed finnish mentaltest today. Congrats!

24. sep, 2015

Happy B-day Attack & siblings! 2 years allready, time flyes.

Gotta say, I`m very pleased With this litter. Not often you meet ACDs that has so great mentality than this litter.

1. sep, 2015

New show result
Unfortunatly no BOB/ BOS for ACD on that day. 5 ACDs on the show. Gotta say, A was the only dog that behaved well! The other dogs (2) could not behave in the ring.

New show result for A

18. jul, 2015

4. jul, 2015


A & I went to a dogshow today, just to watch. Followed both rings and something very similiar happened in both rings.
Dogs With Nice muscles needed more "mass", fat dogs were all "in very good condition".
How in heck judges can not separate two different Things? Fat is what it is, fat. Far away from good condition! Why, ah why, the real muscles is in nowadays a punishment? It should be other way around!
Even worse if judges starts to talk about breed standard and "mass". Where there stands that a working dog should be fat? I just can`t find it!

Yes, I`m angry!

22. jun, 2015

FINALLY I got HD/ED certifikate from Swedish kennel Club, B/C. C on right side, the side I said wasn`t placed correct!

14. june I became a testleader for mentaltest!

18. jun, 2015

It was hard, but it`s done. Moved Dinas site under Rainbowbridge

7. jun, 2015

Waiting for As HD & ED results, knees ok!

4. jun, 2015

1. mai, 2015

Sad News, I lost my beutiful, dear Dina april 10th. Her spondylose got real bad in just couple of days. You will never been forgotten!

Attacks MH video on his compeeting site!

6. apr, 2015

April 4th Attack did his MH at Örebro Bk. Check out his site for result.
April 5th Swedish Winner Show, Dina Veteran Winner. Results on D & As sites

3. apr, 2015

Attacks halfbrother Uuno (Asahi Hills Adrenalin Rush), approved BH today, congrats!

Finally I am a testleader for MH, wohoo!

22. mar, 2015

16. mar, 2015

Attack update

Yes, I dare to say if training has been bad and yesterday it was worse than bad! Well, now I know what we have to work With.
Positiv things were long down with 3 kelpie boys, I wasn`t in As sight more than 30 sec, I bet 3 minutes out of his sight. 1st time we tried the big ladder, went as it should!
Mh is getting closer. He will also be x-rayd later on this year.

7. mar, 2015

Training, training & more training

We`ve been busy last weeks, both condition & obedience training. Attack got 1st bikecycle trip a week ago. Slow tempo, focus to commands. Latest one was yesterday. Since we left Dina at home, we could try to run a bit faster, mostly trotting, around 500 meters gallop. Good kid!

Short obedience training daily, 10 minutes max. Heeling, drop on heeling, walking in front, retrieve, long Down, stop on heeling etc.
I feel we are getting there we want to be :)

20. feb, 2015

Tracking and fixing MH for the kids. At upcoming weekend no training, I`ll be at school studying dogs mentality.

3. feb, 2015

Attack has started sled dog training! Works real well in front of kick slade & skies.

New photos at Gallery

24. jan, 2015

21. jan, 2015

Condition training last few days, we need more snow!
Update under Chici

18. jan, 2015

New homepage