Attack Compeeting results

MH, MT, tracking & obedience

Links to films from competions, MH & MT


11.5. Sk Hagatorp, IGP3 (73-83-80), class winner 1/4


3.11. Sk Hagatorp, IPO2 (81-87-72)

12.5. Sk Hagatorp, IPO1 (72-78-70) 


17.9. Solstad, BH-passed


6.11. ob, Katrineholm

Class 2, 169p, 1st price, class winner

29.10 ob, Arboga

Did not compleet, class 2

26.3. MT Örebro

Attack did swedish mentaltest 526 points & exterior description, both ofcourse, approved.

23.4. Working dog trial, tracking, Örebro

Our 1st WDT with A resultet 232,5 points & 6th place! Lower class, here we come!


18.10.2015 ob

3th and this years last obedience competion. Our goal was to have fun, lots of it! We did _not_ compleet the program, defenetly ok. It felt A was ready to explode when ever. I had hard time not laugh.

Well, last weekend Attack got 1st price, more than I ever expected, I`m happy!

11.10. 2015 ob

As 2nd obedience competion, 177 points, 2nd place out of 11! Feeling in the ring was great!

12.9.2015 ob

Today A did his 1st obedience competion! IMO, he was great 🙂

140 points, 2nd price

4.5.2015 MH, Örebro

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