My breeding goal is to breed functional, healthy cattle dogs for any kind of work.

I do DNA tests, x-ray both hips, elbows & spine. I also do mental discription & mentaltest. We train & compeet in several dicplins. 

I will not sell puppies as a companion dogs, an ACD from me needs to work and use their brain. 

I also wait for that you, as a puppybyer, have experience of dogs, training and compeeting. You also understand it is important to x-ray & DNA test your pup. You are willing to do MH & MT, I’ll arrange both.

If you are interestend in to have an ACD to train & work with, do not doupt to contact me by e-mail! Tell me about your self, your experience of (working)dogs and what you are planning to do with an ACD. I might ask references.


If you do not get an answer during couple of days, try from an other mail adress.


Del denne siden

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